Why We Do What We Do

“Due to increased screen time among our younger generations — sometimes 8-10 hours a day — and reduced in-person social interaction, our children live in two worlds, a consuming virtual one and an actual one that is quite complex and less predictable.

Generation Now Life Skills helps young folks develop healthy routines and habits which foster improved self-control, less dependence on screen time, and an increased appetite for learning.  Through one-on-one mentoring and coaching, we are able to elevate self-confidence, academic performance, and their interest in personal relationships.   

When young folks are able to be more present and less consumed with devices, they increase their appreciation for life’s diversity of opportunities, and put into practice healthier personal, social and academic habits — they bloom and reach their true potential.  Nothing is more important than raising a more mindful, present generation to act as stewards of our future.”

– Brian Anderson, M.S., Ed.

Generation Now Life Skills & Being Present Pledge Founder

Why People choose Us

Healthy Balance at Home

We provide resources to help you manage screen time & video gaming at home

Unlock Full Potential

One-on-one approach enhances client's academic skill and interpersonal development

Holistic approach

Development of whole person through academic coaching and life skills mentoring

Incomparable Value

Academic coaching & Life Skills mentoring build confidence and a desire for learning

Explore Our Services

Holistic academic coaching, life skills mentoring, and Being Present Talk Series & Curriculum for ages 6-18.

Academic Behavioral Coaching
  • Reducing screen time & social media exposure
  • Setting academic goals & creating study plans
  • Subject specific note-taking skills
  • Study skills to promote homework efficiency & productivity
  • Time management & personal organization
  • Subject specific test prep and exam-taking strategies
  • Appreciating the learning process & self-discovery
Life Skills Mentoring
  • Managing screen time & persuasive technology
  • Avoiding social media overexposure
  • Mindfulness of self and others
  • Introducing yourself to new/old experiences
  • Being "master of your domain" (developing will power)
  • Beyond ourselves: being of service to others
  • Confidence through self-advocacy
  • Seeking approval in all the right places - not online!
  • Navigating sensitive relationships & uncomfortableness
  • Goal setting session with Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
Being Present - Talk Series

Includes Being Present Pledge & Respectability Survey


We are honored to support families, schools and non-profits with life skills programs and academic behavioral coaching. Our clients like what they receive!

“Brian’s energy and leadership are magnetic drawing both students and adults his way. As a leader in our school community, Brian consistently strives to help our youth gain academic readiness and interpersonal experience that is essential in preparing students for middle school, high school and beyond. He is passionate about helping students maintain and possess a truly unique inexhaustible sense of curiosity in life. Through guidance, maintaining self-care and encouraging freedom of choice, my son has blossomed into a better person. I could not speak more highly of Brian and would advise anyone to seek his invaluable mentorship and guidance for their child.”

“In 2021 we brought Generation Now on board to formalize our character and leadership curriculum; we could not be more thrilled with our decision.  They have been outstanding from the beginning as we collaborated to build our program’s goals and objectives.  They will be assisting us in implementing the curriculum into our skills clinics, developmental leagues, and summer camps as well as providing guidance to our coaches, players and our families.  This is our organization’s 14th year, and we could not recommend Generation Now more highly.”

“Brian has a way of sharing suggestions and ideas that support what we are doing as parents. There is no judgment, just a lot of understanding and creative discussion about what is truly best for our kids. We always feel more empowered after one of our sessions.”

Mr. A has a way of finding things that get in the way of my daughter’s success academically.  He is able to explain why certain behaviors hold her back — giving suggestions and methods to improve them each time they work together — and he is really good about promoting the things she does well so we can all reinforce them for my daughter’s benefit and ours.

Not having developed any real study habits or skills, my son struggle all through school.  Mr. A immediately helped to identify his strengths to give him confidence to tackle the areas he needed to improve.  Their 90 minute homework/study paradigm is spot on…he made the honor roll!

Mr. A is a great tutor, not only did he help me get my grades up but he made it kinda fun, more fun than regular working.  He taught me great ways to study for different kinds of tests without stressing over it and overall was just a great help with school.

“Brian has been able to give us an easy structure to follow so we can be confident that work is getting done each night. Both my husband and I are able to step in and figure out how to help our kids stay focused and productive without constant interruptions or distractions.”

For the first time in a while, I truly feel like I understand what my son is doing in school and how I can best help him at home. It has been a real game-changer for us.

Brian has helped support a structure for my three kids so we are more organized, all homework is completed on time (hopefully), and things are just better overall. We go to Starbucks on Mondays for our weekly meetings and review their academic planners, schedule their time for the week, and start getting school work done. That’s what it’s all about. And, less chaos!

We Value Partnerships

Generation Now partners with organizations to provide life skills curricula and a series of informative talks. Contact us to find out how we may support your organization.


We design Life Skills curricula and deliver "Being Present" talks for students, parents and teachers. Contact us for more information.

Non-profits and Worship Centers

We facilitate Life Skills programs and a series of talks for youth groups and places of worship. Contact us to see how we may support your community.


Generation Now has designed curricula for youth camps, including U.S. Basketball University and is USU’s official life skills coach partner. Contact us for details.

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